Digital Marketing or SEO Campaigns for A Spa and Massage Center in Bhubaneswar


Sukham Health - is a leading Spa and Massage Center in Bhubaneswar where the customers can get various types of massage service at affordable price. The team members has 10,000+ hours and 10 years of hands-on massaging experience.


Keyword Ranking Improvement in SERP

Increase Online Visibility

Increase Brand Value in Online Market

Increase Brand Value in Targeted Area

Website Optimization & Reputation Management


The Sukham wanted Team MBI, to provide Digital Marketing solution to increase its visibility and popularity in Search Engines (Google) and also increase the visibility of brand in social media also. The Sukham wanted to get results in just 15 days to 30 days and the number of keywords are 24.


Team MBI Provided Completely Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Solution To a Spa and Massage Center in Bhubaneswar.

Our SEO techniques help to reach target audience and increase brand value. We fixed all required onpage issue and created high PA DA backlinks. The website is built in PHP. We implemented all on-page work like meta tags fixed,sitemap xml,Google analytic and Google webmaster in this platform. The website also needed to landing page optimization and some development work so we also solved this issue and prepared some targeted keywords based landing pages.

We provided the following solutions to promote in a highly competitive Spa and Massage Center in Bhubaneswar market.


We Provided:

Organic SEO

On Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Mata Tag Creation

Google White Techniques for High Visibility Search Engines

Sitemap XML, Google Webmaster and Google Analytics Implementation

High PA DA Back-link Creationn

Off-Page SEO

Weekly Working Report

Monthly Keyword Ranking Report

Monthly Google Analytic Visitors Report

The Result:

Team MBI promoted Sukham brand or website in high PA DA website so as a result, now all web pages are regularly indexing and now number of visitors are increasing, mostly Organic.

Team MBI not only targeted to keywords ranking improvement, we also improved visitor engagement, hence reduced bounce rate. We always target high search volume keywords. The website is in a good ranking position in search engine result page (SERP).

Team MBI targeted total 24 keywords and the time duration also very less I.e 15days to 30days. We got the result in just less than 1 month. We have also mentioned the screen shot image of targeted keywords ranking. You can check website are in good position in maximum keywords.