4 Steps to Prepare Your PPC Campaigns for Voice Search

The Smarter Way To Prepare Your PPC Campaigns for Voice Search

Voice search queries are typically longer, typically over 5 or 6 words

Let’s get going!

Step 1: See If Your Campaigns Are Already Receiving Voice Search Traffic

Export a search query report from AdWords. If you are managing a high-traffic account, a 30-day lookback window should be suitable to see if you are receiving any voice traffic.

Step 2: Add Your Negatives

After all of that search query gold mining, you might find that several of your voice queries, though slightly relevant, might not be ideal for your campaigns.

Step 3: Review Your Existing Negatives

To take the most advantage of increased voice search, consider removing negatives such as: “how to” “near me” “when does” “where do I”

Step 4: Build out Voice Search Keywords for Your Campaigns

Using the keyword tool of your choice (shout-out to SEMrush!) you can begin to build on these longer-tail search queries to ensure you make the most of your voice search traffic. You can begin to add more conversational-type keywords to your campaigns, ideally in historical ad groups so you can utilize previous quality score data for comparison and adjust bids accordingly based on purchase intent.